Professional Inspection Network

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The Professional Inspection Network is a network of independently owned home inspection companies that share a common goal of customer service and excellence in the home inspection profession.

The network is anchored by Professional Home Inspection Service in Binghamton New York. Our member firms benefit from sharing office resources and from training and technical support that is difficult for independent inspectors to obtain. Our clients benefit from the service and depth of knowledge that only a network can bring.

Inspectors, join our network

Home inspectors are by nature a very independent bunch. But you can run you own business without going it completely alone. We offer training, the best inspection report available, and office support. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Click the button on the left to learn more.

Radon Laboratory Training

Home inspectors offering radon testing in New York or Pennsylvania must follow NYS-DEC and PA-DEP regulations or face civil or criminal penalties. New York inspectors using continuous radon monitors must be a New York State ELAP laboratory (Environmental Laboratory Approval Program). Inspectors in Pennsylvania who offer any type of radon test must obtain DEP certification. With either of these programs that means setting up a laboratory, and all of the paperwork that is entailed. This can be a daunting task for home inspectors who are more comfortable on roofs than they are at a desk charting quality control numbers. We can help with our one-day "STARTING A RADON LAB" seminars. These seminars take a "turn-key" approach to setting up a state-recognized lab by providing the lab manuals, notebooks, charts and step-by-step instructions on how to organize your lab, maintain your records and apply for state certification. Click on the radon button at the left for more details.